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How To Help The Helpers — Maximizing the Water Damage Clean up Team

When you suffer water damage, you need to act quickly and wisely to lessen the damage to your Akron home. However, don’t rush into the home and make things worse. Call a trusted water damage cleanup team like Certified Professional Restoration (CPR) and while you wait for help: Don’t use your vacuum to remove water. […]

Giving a low price quote, is different than correctly doing the job at the price quoted.

So I saw an interesting request the other day in a Facebook community group.  It is not uncommon to see people asking their peers for recommendations, as word of mouth is a great way to evaluate a company.  This post however gave me pause, as I found the request to be reflective of the way […]

Who should you call first when you have a water emergency?

So you just came home from work to find a river in your kitchen, and a swimming pool in your basement…..  You run around looking for the source of the water and quickly think to shut off the water main.  Now what?  My cabinets and hard wood floors are soaked, and my boxes of pictures […]

Why did my bank fail my loan after my mold inspection report?

The short answer to the question is that your home has been flagged for a potential area of concern, and the loan has been suspended until corrective action has been taken. Although it may not be a concern you share or agree with, the banks are cautious that these concerns may turn into problems down […]

How to identify and prevent mold in your home

Mold spores exist in almost every home no matter how spotless you keep it. They can travel through windows and doors or be carried on your clothing or the fur of your pets. Because mold thrives on moisture, these spores will grow into mold if they land on a spot that is constantly damp. It […]

Fire safety tips for your home this winter

The winter months can bring a lot of fun and festivities, but also a lot of stress. Christmas shopping lists and Thanksgiving dinners can creep up faster than expected and take our full attention putting other important things on the back end. Here are a few tips to help disaster-proof your home and keep your […]

Help my staff deal with bedbugs

What is the value in using a restoration contractor?

Procrastination is the enemy of progress, or in this case limiting the damage to your property. One of the focal points of a reputable restoration contractor is speed. I once asked my friend and mentor, what is the difference between a restoration contractor and a general contractor? He told me with a half smile that […]

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