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Preventing Mold Damage In Your Home

mold removal north canton, mold cleanup north canton, mold damage north cantonMold is found everywhere and is naturally occurring both indoors and outside. The problem with mold found in our North Canton homes is that it can produce toxins that disrupt our respiratory systems. When mold grows indoors, it can be a pretty serious health threat to those who are exposed to it, and also requires pretty extensive remediation to ensure that it has all been removed. Since mold damage is a disaster that no one wants to deal with, we at Certified Professional Restoration (CPR) would like to introduce a few things you can do around your home to help prevent mold damage and catch it as quickly as possible if it does occur.

Regular Home Maintenance And Inspection 

One of the most important things you can do to guard your home against mold is to perform routine maintenance. You should inspect your roof, windows, foundation, and plumbing at least twice a year for any signs of damage, deterioration, or water leaks. Any areas of the home that are susceptible to water damage are susceptible to mold damage. Ensure that any damaged or missing shingles or areas of the roof are addressed and repaired, fill any cracks in the foundation, seal around windows and doors, and fix leaky pipes to keep unwanted excess moisture and water from entering your home. Catching and addressing these problems quickly will greatly reduce the risk of mold damage in your home

Install Proper Ventilation And Airflow Throughout Your Home

Many of the appliances in our home like stoves, dryers, and heaters, along with sinks, showers, and tubs, produce moisture. If this moisture is not properly ventilated outside the home, it will build up inside walls, ceilings, and floors creating an ideal environment for mold to grow rampant. To keep steam and moisture from building up inside our homes, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, need to need to have fans and ventilation installed to remove any and all excess moisture. Exhaust fans vent moisture outside and are a great resource in your home. Range hoods over stove tops should have fans that can be turned on when the range is in use, and dryers need to have direct ventilation outside. Ensuring good airflow in and out of your home will help reduce excess moisture and prevent mold growth. 

Keep Humidity Levels Under Control

Since mold thrives in wet, humid conditions, it is important to keep the humidity levels inside your home under control. Proper ventilation and airflow will help with humidity, but dehumidifiers are also great tools in maintaining indoor humidity. Air conditioners are also great at removing moisture from the air. Since humidity levels are constantly changing, you may need to monitor the levels inside your home. Keeping indoor humidity low will help prevent mold from growing inside your home.

Clean Water Damage As Quickly As Possible

Since mold requires water and moisture to grow, it is important to remove any excess water as quickly as possible. Mold can begin growing in as little as 48 hours following water damage and exposure. If water is allowed to sit, it will open the door to mold growth and spread. As soon as you notice water damage, be sure to call CPR in North Canton to get it cleaned and dried completely to prevent mold from growing. 

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