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How To Help The Helpers — Maximizing the Water Damage Clean up Team

When you suffer water damage, you need to act quickly and wisely to lessen the damage to your Akron home. However, don’t rush into the home and make things worse. Call a trusted water damage cleanup team like Certified Professional Restoration (CPR) and while you wait for help:

  • Don’t use your vacuum to remove water.
  • Don’t use your ceiling fans if the ceilings are wet.
  • Don’t go in rooms with sagging ceilings.

Shut Off and Unplug

Do not use any wet electronic devices, or those in rooms with standing water. If it is safe to enter, unplug all appliances and remove all electronics that you can safely carry. Don’t try to turn off any type of gas or electricity unless you know what you are doing, let professionals like electricians and gas workers take care of turning off lines.  

Take Photos and Video

If it is safe to walk around, document the damage with your phone or video camera. Show the situation that led to the damage; focus on creating a record for the insurance adjustor. You might need to prove the cause and effect in the future.

Digital versions of photographs help because they are easy to store, copy and transfer. Be sure to document with photos and videos before you start the repair process or you could minimize your coverage.

Control the Indoor Climate

Keep doors and windows shut. Opening a door or window may let in more moisture than it lets out. Wait for a technician to arrive, and then they can advise you about opening doors and windows.

If you have a dehumidifier, turn it on as quickly as possible to prevent mold growth. However, a heater is not a replacement for a dehumidifier. Turning on your heater can actually increase moisture. Depending on your situation and today’s weather, if may help or hurt to use the air conditioner. When you speak with the water restoration dispatcher, get advice from the experts.  

Seal Off the Damaged Area

Watch your step. Seal off the areas that have been exposed to mold or sewage from the rest of your home and try not to enter those areas. If you must enter, to prevent tracking contaminates around your home, wrap your shoes in a plastic bag and remove the bag before leaving the contaminated area.

Separate the Clean and Dry from the Wet

Protect carpet in the affected area. Get a layer of aluminum foil or plastic under the legs as a barrier between any metal on the furniture. Rust can form within a few hours. Lift curtains up off the carpet.

Preserve ‘Clean’ but Saturated Items

Move saturated items like clothing, bedding or easily movable rugs. Move them onto drying racks, into the bathtub or out to the garage. They will be out of the way and dry out faster.

Save contaminated items for the team. If an item has been exposed to mold or sewage it’s best to discard it for health reasons. Talk to the knowledgeable technicians to learn which items can be sterilized.

Prepare The Pets

Baby your babies; they have already had a stressful day. When the team arrives, the technicians might need to carry equipment in and out of the front, side or garage doors. The fans, humidifiers and air scrubbers might be loud for sensitive ears. Find a safe and quiet space for the four-footed family members to wait this out.

Highest Quality Water Damage Cleanup in Akron

The IICRC serves as an independent, certification body, that sets and promotes high standards and ethics, and advances communication and technical proficiency within the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries. The IICRC also ensures that when consumers hire a Certified Firm or technician, they have hired experts who will provide reasonable assurance that work will be completed in accordance with the industry’s “standard of care.”

Certified Professional Restoration is a restoration company attentive to both the physical and the emotional pressure of home water damage. CPR offers 24-7 immediate response and is dedicated to customer satisfaction, serving Akron, Canton and surrounding areas.

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