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Bed Bug Extermination In North Canton

bed bug extermination north canton, bed bug removal north canton“Nighty night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite” is such a common phrase, yet it’s rarely thought about as any more than just an old nursery rhyme. If only having bed bugs was actually a choice. These unwelcome house guests can ruin not just one night’s sleep, but weeks on end of your home life if left untreated. Certified Professional Restoration in North Canton, Ohio has a trained team, specialized in removing these annoying pests from your home so that laying your head down to sleep at night can once again be a happy thought at the end of a long day.

The fact of the matter is these bugs really AREN’T just some silly line from a nursery rhyme. These bloodsuckers are the real deal. But how do you know you have these little guys running around getting free meals and free rent, and what harm do they REALLY cause? Here are just a few quick facts and signs that you may need to call a professional like those at Certified Professional Restoration.

No, they don’t carry diseases. However, the red, itchy welts they leave behind don’t sound like they’d be that enjoyable- for you, or your housemates.  

Bed bugs can be anywhere. Yes, they are most commonly found in beds (go figure) and couches, but if there is human existence, there can be bed bugs.

They feast at night. Well, usually. Sure bed bugs are capable of coming out for brunch or a late lunch, but they are known to be nocturnal and enjoy their evening dinners. To fill their stomachs they only need about five to ten minutes, so they can eat and leave without even being detected.

They multiply rapidly. Picture this: you wake up from a great night’s sleep with a red, itchy welt but don’t think much of it. You don’t find any new welts for a whole week, so you drop any thought about them… until the next day when you wake up with ten new welts. This is with just ONE bed bug – which can digest, mate, and lay eggs every five to ten days – imagine having an entire colony in your bed or couch cushion.

They congregate. They don’t create nests similar to those like spiders or ants, but they do like to live together in clusters. Groups of bed bugs tend to look like dark spots or fecal stains on a mattress. You may also spot eggs (both hatched, and empty), skins from maturing bugs, and bugs themselves. Your mattress may also look like it has “rusty” smears; these happen to be crushed bugs- and good signs to call a professional exterminator like those at Certified Professional Restoration.

Any insect infestation can be inconvenient and frankly, scary. Adding in the factor that these bugs thrive while your eyes are closed just deepens the fear and the stress. You may start to feel like YOU are the unwelcome one in your own home, instead of the bed bugs. Take a deep breath and a step back and let Certified Professional Restoration in North Canton, Ohio make your home yours again.

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