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Spring Showers Can Lead To Year-Round Problems

water damage akron, water damage cleanup akronRain is one of the best aspects of spring! Playing in the puddles in your rubber boots, watching your grass green up instantly, and enjoy the sounds against the glass as you nap all day are the best ways to spend spring days.

While a little rain is a joy, homes with improper drainage are susceptible to water damage and foundation problems. At its worst, moisture has the potential for serious structural consequences that include mold, wood rot, and even foundation cracks. Sometimes, after years of hidden problems, something as minor as heavy rain can require water damage cleanup.

Maintain Your Roof And Gutters

Your roof’s primary purpose is to keep water out of your house. Properly installed and maintained roofs offer protection from precipitation, wind, and unwanted pests. Neglecting it could lead to extensive water damage that could compromise the structure of your home. Generally, roofs have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years,  but climate, weather conditions, and even nearby trees can cause excessive damage to roof shingles.

Making sure your gutters function properly is critical to protecting your home from water damage. If your gutters are full of debris or not angled properly to the downspout, then water will run down the side of your house. When it collects at the base, your foundation could be at risk.

Seal Windows And Doors

Windows, window sills and exterior doors are common vulnerable sites for water leakage.  When rainwater sits on any wood surface for more than 24 hours, it can begin to decay. Ensure that the weatherstripping and seals around your windows and doors are in good shape by testing for drafts.

Paint Is More Than Pretty

If your siding and exterior paint aren’t well-maintained, water could be leaking through to the inside of your home. Periodically inspect your exterior walls. Look for signs of damage in your sidings, such as holes, wood rot, or warping. If caught early enough, you may be able to clean out the wet materials and repair only the affected siding.

More common exterior siding, including stucco, aluminum siding, wood siding, and cedar shingles, need to be painted in order to protect your home properly. Paint adds more than just aesthetic appeal—it seals and protects your siding against rain, sleet, and snow.

Ensure Proper Drainage

Hopefully, your home is located at the highest section of land on your property, out of the path from the flow of excess rain. If water isn’t properly diverted away from the base of your house to the storm sewer system, this excess water can either flood into the home or put direct pressure on windows and walls.  

Plus, when your foundation suffers a drastic settling or sinking due to rain, it can cause problems throughout the house. Heavy rains cause the soil around and under the foundation to swell, but when a period of drought follows, the soil shrinks and leaves a chasm that the foundation sinks into. Leaning chimney, stair-step cracks in the bricks, and sticky doors are signs of major cracks and displaced foundations.

Water Damage Cleanup In Akron

CPR definitely cannot control the weather but they can help you control its effects on your home. Certified Professional Restoration (CPR) is a restoration company attentive to both the physical and emotional pressure of home water damage. 

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