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Mold Damage And Your Insurance Company

Mold damagemold damage north canton, mold damage cleanup north canton is a prevalent problem for many homeowners. In highly humid areas like North Canton, the issue is significantly greater. In non-humid areas, it normally isn’t too difficult to keep your home free from mold and its effects. This is not the case in areas of high humidity. It sometimes seems that as soon as you clean any new mold growth there is more popping up elsewhere. Thus, having coverage for mold damage in your insurance plan is a must. Doing so can save you significant amounts of money in repair and restoration costs. However, our team at Certified Professional Restoration (CPR) understand the struggle that working with your insurance company can be at times. The process can be stressful, confusing, and just downright maddening. To help ease some of that struggle for you, we’ve included specifics on types of mold damage that are most likely to be covered by your insurance and which aren’t.

Note: Below is general principles about insurance coverage regarding mold removal and aren’t applicable in every case. You should still check your own insurance policy to know for sure what types of mold damage you are insured for.

When Does My Insurance Cover Mold Removal?

The guiding principles determining whether or not your insurance policy will cover mold removal costs for your home is if the source of that damage occurred is a hazard already covered in your insurance policy. Water damage is the most likely cause of this happening. For example, if your home has a flood that spreads water throughout your home, it is almost certain that mold will begin to grow as a result. The removal of this mold would be covered by your policy since it happened because of the flood. Another example of this could be if your home catches fire and extensive amounts of water are used throughout the home to put the fire out. This water will likely cause mold to begin to grow. Again, removal of this mold would be covered by your policy because it came as a result of the fire.

You Policy Still May Not Cover The Whole Cost

Mold damage restoration can be an extensive, costly endeavor. On the high end, it costs between $15,000 and $30,000 to remediate. As a result, insurance companies often have measures in place to prevent themselves from heading the entire cost. One way they often do this is by capping the amount that they will spend on a mold damage claim. This limit is often between $1,000 and $10,000. You have the option of purchasing a broader, more comprehensive mold damage policy. In areas prone to mold damage, however, this can be an expensive option.

At CPR in North Canton, our team of mold damage experts is here to help you restore your home from all types of mold damage. We can even help you work with your insurance company more effectively. However, your understanding of these basic principles about mold damage restoration and the insurance policies that cover it will be of great benefit to you if you find yourself in a home with a need for any mold damage restoration.

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