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How to Keep Your Basement Safe From Water Damage

water damage akron, water damage cleanup akronAkron, Ohio basements are notorious for flooding and getting a moldy, mildewy smell. However, this doesn’t have to be something you just accept and live with. By following a few tips, you can keep your basement fresh and clean. If you currently have mildew or flooding, call a water damage cleanup expert and then follow these tips. 


Reduce Standing Water Outside

The water outside your home can affect the condition of the inside of your home. If you have standing water outside your home in your yard, then it can seep into the foundation. You can reduce the amount of standing water in your yard by making sure your gutters are always clean. The location of your home, how many trees you have surrounding your home, and how much debris they give off, will determine how often you will need to clean out your gutters. You can buy gutter covers that will keep a good amount of debris out, but you will still need to check on them occasionally. Another thing that can help keep standing water to a minimum is to extend your gutters at the base of your house. This will draw the water away from your home to absorb further away from your foundation. 


Grade Your Yard

If your yard slopes down towards your home, your basement can be at risk for flooding. If your yard seems fairly level and you want to be sure, you can always find out by bringing out a level and measuring various spots. If there are a few hills here and there, that shouldn’t affect the water inclining toward your basement much, but a steady downward grade towards your home, even if it is a slight one, can be an issue. You can resolve this by hiring out or grading the yard yourself or installing a drainage system.  


Seal Your Basement

If your basement is unfinished, you can buy some sealant and apply it to the foundation of your house. You will need to remove any debris or paint from the surface of your concrete so that it will stick correctly to the walls and floor. If you have a leak in your foundation that you are aware of already, you can apply the sealant to that area, but if you have moisture coming in from an unknown source, you may just want to apply sealant to the entire surface of the walls and floors, paying special attention to the edges and corners. If the moisture has penetrated through the foundation, flooring, or drywall, you will need to contact a water damage cleanup professional to make sure it is all cleaned up. Basement floods are common in Akron and a professional can help you restore any water damage that could have happened to your property.



A dehumidifier may not do much to prevent flooding, but it can prevent mold and mildew growth and keep the air in your basement from getting musty. You can invest in an electric dehumidifier that will collect the moisture in the air so that you can regularly empty it. Or you can fill some containers with cat litter, charcoal, or baking soda and that will keep the air from smelling musty, though it won’t be as effective as a dehumidifier. If a mildew smell remains after taking these steps, then you may want to call a professional water damage cleanup expert to look for mildew. 

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