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Water Damage: What Steps Should You Take

water damage north canton, water damage cleanup north cantonKnow the signs of Water Damage

Are you having sewage backup problems? Ceiling leaks? Flooding from clogged plumbing? What about busted pipes or flooding from natural disasters? All of these problems are signs that you may have water damage in your home.

Call a Restorative Company

The easiest way to know if your home has potential subjectivity to water damage is to call a professional. With teams trained and specialized in spotting water damage, restoration companies like CPR can quickly scour your home and find signs of pesky water damage.

Trust Your Instincts and Senses

The first signs of water damage include discoloration, distortion, and dampness.

Most water damage will start to smell musty, moldy and generally unusual after a few days. Be aware of unconventional smells as you walk through the rooms of your home. Use these smells to your advantage. When a trained specialist goes through your home with you, be sure to point out your observations.

You can also scan areas close to water outlets and inlets. Check these areas for discoloration or the beginnings of mold. This can also be beneficial if you have scheduled an inspection with a restoration company, as you can point out the areas that you may feel need further investigation again. Door frames or window panels may be specifically susceptible to water leaks and damage. If caulk is peeling or there are gaps between panels or the frames and walls, these may be problem areas.

Checking the roof for missing tiles or panels is another important precaution to make note of. Be especially observant in winter or after storms. If shingles are missing, heat may leave the house through the roof and melt the ice or snow, resulting in leaks. Ceilings that are bowing or bending may also be problem areas. It is essential that you call a professional right away if you notice such changes in your ceiling, due to risk factors. It is important to uphold the safety of yourself and others in the home first and foremost.

Another way to look for possible water damage would be to feel surfaces with discoloration to see if the surface is bumpy or rough. Water damage usually distorts or warps many materials. Buckled or bulking floors may be signs of possible water damage.

Stopping for a moment throughout each day to listen for any leaks can also be favorable to your cause in preventing water damage. Always check to make sure that no water sources are running before assuming a leak is unusual. Call a professional right away if you do notice a leak. You probably will not be able to tell how long the leak has been going on. The best way to solve the problem is to get in contact with trained professionals immediately.

Double-checking on your pipes especially after cold nights or rainy storms may also save you money when trying to prevent water damage to your home. If you find a clogged or bulging water pipe, try shutting off your water source and then calling an expert to come assess the potential damage.

If your property is experiencing any signs of water damage, be sure to contact a professional water damage restoration team that can help you clean up and restore any damage quickly and efficiently.

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