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Giving a low price quote, is different than correctly doing the job at the price quoted.

So I saw an interesting request the other day in a Facebook community group.  It is not uncommon to see people asking their peers for recommendations, as word of mouth is a great way to evaluate a company.  This post however gave me pause, as I found the request to be reflective of the way many people see the world. This was the request:

​Looking for mold removal company that would be willing to match a current estimate.  We have had some estimates and chose the one with the best price.  …seems like the guy doesn’t want to do it. He has pushed us back to “next week” 3 times after waiting 5 weeks for our turn. He can never remember who we are. Ugh!!!!

​​And in this request lies the problem that consumers and service providers need to  understand.   Quality, Service, and Price are three very different things.   The old saying goes “quality, service, price…. pick two”.   I would argue that modern day organizations have been forced into two categories.  The first is Price Based Organizations, and the second is what I like to refer to as Quality Service Organizations.

​Which is better?  Depending on your situation and what you are shopping for both have their merits.  If you were shopping for a pair of flip flops for the beach, a quick sandwich, or a person to mow your lawn price based organizations may be perfectly acceptable providing you don’t expect high quality or prompt reliable service.  If you have a huge oak tree hanging over your home that could cause major damage if removed improperly, you would probably want a quality service organization to remove it correctly and safely.

​So back to the request above.   Asking a Quality Service Organization to match the quote of a Price Based Organization is like asking a person to lick their own elbow.  Finding, organizing, training, and retaining high level customer service oriented talent requires a large continuous financial investment.  This investment translates into a higher quality of work, professionalism, and ultimately long term customer satisfaction.

​When dealing with mold growth the potential for recurrence is high when improperly addressed.  Ethical companies will consult with you about their process which you should research in detail to minimize the chance of incorrect practices which may compromise your air.  More importantly, the health risks of mold are  greatest during and directly after the removal process.  With so many choices for property restoration, please remember two things.  Quality Service Organizations, and Price Based Organizations produce very different results.  And giving a low price quote is different than correctly doing the job at the price quoted.

​Article written by Chris Petersen
Owner and founder of Certified Professional Restoration
​Contact information:  330-733-5570 ;

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