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Who should you call first when you have a water emergency?

So you just came home from work to find a river in your kitchen, and a swimming pool in your basement…..  You run around looking for the source of the water and quickly think to shut off the water main.  Now what?  My cabinets and hard wood floors are soaked, and my boxes of pictures are floating around the basement.  While my living room carpet feels like a sponge soaked in the sink…  A moment of clarity amongst all the panic and shock comes over you, and you  reach for your phone…..  

Who should you call first?   Eureka!  I need a plumber.

​In many cases, you will need a plumber and this should be one of your first calls.  This should not be your first call, unless you want to make 10 phone calls looking for a plumber that works at 7 pm on a Friday.  While a plumber can fix the leak, many plumbing companies are not set up for emergency response after normal business hours.  This could be your first call, but should it?

But wait you think…. This could be expensive….. Maybe I should check with my insurance first?

​You could call your insurance agent or open a claim, but your insurance agent is definitely not equipped for emergency response, and your adjuster will automatically file a claim.  While this seems like the logical step, opening a claim before you know what your policy covers runs the risk of your insurance rates rising while receiving no coverage for your loss.   In some minor cases, the cost of the mitigation service will be less than your deductible.

​What is the best option then?

In walks emergency mitigation companies like Certified Professional Restoration.  A good mitigation company will guide you through the process from the point that you contact them.  We are set up to mobilize 24/7/365.  We advise clients on who they should contact, in which order, and what they should avoid doing when dealing with potentially dangerous situations like electrocution and ceiling collapse.  On top of that, the sooner you can get a mitigation company on site, the less damage your property will incur.   This leads to less cost associated with repair, and the possibility of saving clothes, keep sakes, and other items that may have been impacted or could be impacted if the situation is not addressed quickly.  Additionally we will discuss the scope of work necessary to preserve and protect your property with your insurance adjuster so you are taken care of properly, and there are no surprises.

​So, who should you call first?  

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