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What is the value in using a restoration contractor?

Procrastination is the enemy of progress, or in this case limiting the damage to your property. One of the focal points of a reputable restoration contractor is speed. I once asked my friend and mentor, what is the difference between a restoration contractor and a general contractor? He told me with a half smile that a general contractor says I will be out to deal with the problem in one to two weeks, and a restoration contractor says he will be out to address the issue in one to two hours. His reply would shape my entire thinking about what makes a restoration company valuable to the people that use them.
So what is the reason that speed is important? It’s simple. Water much like fire will continue to damage many items that it comes in to contact with. So If you wouldn’t leave smoldering coals in your living room, why would you leave excess moisture or standing water in your home without addressing it? Even if the water level returns to normal after you have a sewer back up, the elevated humidity combined with micro organisms and or pathogens, can produce health risks and continue to further damage your home or office. Prolonged water exposure can cause hard wood floors to swell and gap, carpet to delaminate, and provide an atmosphere for mold to grow.
With that in mind, mitigating clean water or even grey water (potentially contaminated water) within the first 24 hours is crucial when trying to limit the damage to your property. Pictures, clothing, electronics, and documents can usually be saved if quickly addressed. Insurance companies understand this, and will not ask you to wait to get the mitigation portion of the claim (if you choose to file a claim) handled before they have a chance to look at the loss. Remember you have the option to choose the people you trust to take care of your home and other possessions. Just one more reason not to wait until Monday to have someone address an issue that can easily go from bad, to worse, to what just happened! Always remember to get help as soon as possible, and make sure you don’t put off today what will damage your home further tomorrow.

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